How to Reset Your LinkPeak Password

Roman Savchuk

Last Update 2 jaar geleden

You can reset your LinkPeak password password by following these simple steps:

1. While you are signed out of LinkPeak, go to

2. Click on 'Forgot Password?'

3. Enter your e-mail address you used to sign up for LinkPeak (make sure you have access to the e-mail address)

4. Click on 'Reset Password'

5. Go to your e-mail inbox.

6. You have received an e-mail from LinkPeak with title 'Reset Password'. Open it.

7. Click on the 'Reset Password' button. This will open new browser window.

8. Enter your new password into both the 'New password' and 'Repeat new password' fields.

9. Click on the 'Reset Password' button. You will be redirected back to the LinkPeak login page. 

10. From here all you need to do is log into LinkPeak using your Username and your new Password.

If you have any questions, please contact our customer support at [email protected]

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